Our History

DataMite Technologies, LLC is a business that deals with Vibration and Acoustic Emission in rotating equipment. We know how to use these phenomena for detecting problems and squeezing the maximum lifetime out of replaceable parts before a shutdown.

Our products reflect these fields of expertise, together with years of hands-on experience by key personnel in the manufacture, installation, and maintenance of rotating equipment. On the inside, our instruments use the latest advances in the state of the art. Nevertheless, on the outside, they are rugged, simple, and easy for anyone to use. As instrument-makers for fault detection by vibration and acoustics, we squarely support the men and women who use these products. We take pride in seeking new ways to make high technology practical and profitable for our customers.

A constant stream of new products illustrates DataMite Technologies, LLC success in this regard, all of which we manufacture in the United States:

  • Shortly after the closely-held company was founded in 1998, we got the Centurion Instruments Line, a family of instruments known as the DataMite 1000 series. This is a tiny, portable unit carried on an operator‚s belt. Sensing with a hand-held probe, it displays two parameters whose trends show the condition of a bearing: the velocity of gross vibration, and the intensity of ultrasonic noise. They can also register surface temperature.
  • For even faster, simpler, and more economical monitoring of vibration, there is the DataMite 2000 instrument. Touched to operating equipment, this miniature hand-held unit shows vibrational velocity in a simplified, multicolored bar display. A digital readout is also included.
  • The newest arrival is the Model 7000-01 Bearing Analyzer that can separate large and small bearings into GOOD/BAD within seven seconds at various speeds, run times and alarms the operator.

One reason for our customer‚s satisfaction is the rugged reliability that we build into every instrument. We are so confident in our quality that we provide guarantees for one or two years, covering repair labor and replacement parts.

Perhaps equally important, our customers appreciate the personal attention that DataMite Technologies gives them. Although we are growing in a healthy fashion, we are still small enough to be exceedingly responsive. When a client telephones for help, he reaches a friend who knows his situation and is committed to his success.

That, in brief, is the kind of company DataMite Technologies, LLCis. We are the kind of company that would appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and that will work to keep you on our growing list of satisfied users.

DataMite 1000 and DataMite 2000 are trademarks of DataMite Technologies, LLC